Innovative Product

Technology is constantly changing, being agile is a crucial part of meeting your needs.  Embracing new technology drives speed and efficiency.  Utilizing machine learning to verify and validate information saves time and increases accuracy in data when you need it most.

Exceptional Service

Understanding industry needs and partnering with clients is the only path to a sustainable contractor management solution.  We are committed to working with clients and providing top-notch local service to build an eco-system that truly solves the issues and benefits everyone.

Affordable Price

Risk is real when someone is on site performing work.  The type of work being performed matters.  Our pricing model is different, not because it can be different, but because it should be different. 

Join in on a more logical, transparent model.

Our Software

Modern Software Means Better Processes

8am Solutions provides end-to-end vendor management software.  From pre-qualification to project completion, we’ve got you covered.

8am Solutions gives you the tools to truly manage the risks presented when vendors and contractors are working on your site.  We provide clear line of sight into data that normally gets lost in the shuffle.  Vendor management is about more than checking boxes; risk happens daily, make sure you manage it daily. 

Our People

Experienced People Means Better Outcomes

When you talk to  8am, you’re speaking to an owner. We are industry professionals who are starting something fresh because we see a better way to serve our customers.

We are committed providing the platform and the service that makes managing vendors easy.

It’s time to wake up to a new way of doing things.  It’s time for a change.

Charles Guedo
Charles Guedo is an industry leader with a proven track record working directly with clients to help them solve complex problems.  With over 10 years' experience in industry, his strengths are deeply understanding clients and their needs and driving a high standard of service. 
Riley Fairbanks
Riley Fairbanks is a strategic dynamo.  His background in product development, deployment and system design guides our team to build a robust, flexible vendor risk management software.  Our team uses an agile framework to consistently deliver a product with unmatched quality.
Kurt Musch
Kurt Musch is a 25-year CPA, he understands the ins and outs of this business. Being financially responsible and appropriately priced are core elements of running a great business.  Kurt's experience and critical knowledge of the industry help 8am to establish the most affordable, value-based pricing in the market. 
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Vendor Pricing

8am Solutions exists to help organizations reduce risk. We believe the true risk is when your people and your contractors are on site performing a service.

Our pricing model reflects that belief. At 8am a contractor’s subscription is based on the work they do and the services we provide, not on arbitrary measure of how many employees are on a company’s payroll or how many hiring clients ask for data.

We also believe that the industry needs fair and affordable pricing. Our model is different, our approach is different. 

Pricing starting at $248 per year with no additional setup or connection fees.

Features available for Vendors, Suppliers, and Contractors

Upload your safety, regulatory, and compliance documentation with ease.  Let our Machine Learning engine review the document and pre-fill questions to limit your data entry.

Give access to your insurance broker, allowing them to upload documents on your behalf.

Easily identify and review any deficiencies in your documentation and plan your updates.

Track and manage document expiration – never miss a renewal date.

Add all your workers to the platform, giving them access to upload their training and ticket information.

Eliminate the ticket binder using the “Go to site” feature in the 8am mobile app and have your workers ready to go when they get to site.

Sign-off on client forms and permits from your mobile device.  Prove you’ve completed daily tasks for all clients.

Create, issue, and track your internal orientations and memos.

Advertise your business to hiring clients within the 8am eco-system.

Manage your sub-contractors to your own requirements as well as your client’s requirements.


The competition runs their pricing on arbitrary measures.  For example, a janitorial company with 30 employees pays, on average, $2,000 more than a janitorial company with 3 employees,  despite the fact they both provide the same data.

This cost doesn’t include per connection and one-time setup fees either.  

The industry currently puts you in an arbitrary box.  With 8am your price is based on what you do and the services we provide to you.

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